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de hvide maend
Man meets the sea

Visitors arriving in Esbjerg from the sea are greeted by Svend Wiig Hansen’s monumental sculpture "Man meets the Sea", which was raised on the occasion of Esbjerg celebrating its 100th anniversary as an independent municipality in 1994.

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Esbjerg Art Museum

Esbjerg Art Museum - Museum of modern art with art experiences for all ages

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esbjerg musikhus
Musikhuset Esbjerg - Performing Arts Centre

Every year, the venue for more than 300 events. Here you can enjoy music, drama, musicals and other shows. The house was designed by the world famous architects Jan and Jørn Utzon.

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The main venue for rhythmical music in West Jutland. Here you can enjoy all kinds of concerts - rock, pop, jazz.

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bar 872161 1920
Underground Pub - live music in Esbjerg

Underground - English pub with Danish food and live music.

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sevaerdigheder top
Esbjerg harbour

Esbjerg Port is now one of Europe's most experienced in wind, oil and gas with more than 40 years of off shore operation from the rapidly expanding 4,5 mio sq metre port area, rightfully earning Esbjerg the title of Energy Metropolis.

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Event calendar

Oversigt over årligt tilbagevendende events i Esbjerg fra Esbjerg Rock Festival til Strandvejens kunstrute.

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ebbe og flod
Top Events

Top Events in Esbjerg

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Exploring the Wadden Sea


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The Fisheries and Maritime Museum

Fascinating experiences for the whole family - watch the seals in the sealarium and the attractive fish and attention-grabbing animals in the aquaria, or learn more about man and the sea in the displays on fisheries, seafaring, and nature below the sea surface.

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oplevelser ved vadehavet
Experiences at the Wadden Sea

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Svømmestadion Danmark - Denmark's largest bathing and swimming facility. Also wellness facilities.

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Surfing near Esbjerg

Surfing and Kitesurfing in Ho Bay in the north end of the Wadden Sea National Park

From 1. March - 30. September it is allowed to surf in Ho Bay along the beaches of Hjerting and Sædding.

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